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How To: Find Wind Speed Data

Wind Rose Excel aims to provide a simple, intuitive and powerful means to access and analyse historical wind speed data. This page is dedicated to showing users how wind speed data can be collected.

Using the Global Interactive Map

Once you have registered for a free trial for the WRE Web App, you can access the data from one weather station for free. Simply create a new project to get access to the Interactive Map, containing access to over 30,000 weather stations around the world.

1. Create a New Project

1. Create a new project

2. Search For Your Required Country.

2. Search for your required country.

3. Select The Pin Closest To Your Required Location

3. Zoom in and select the pin closest to your required location. Note: the blue circles contain clusters of weather stations, whereas the white pins are individual weather stations.

4. Return to the Homepage

4. Once you have confirmed your station selection, return to the homepage by clicking the icon in the top left.

5. Select Your Data Set With the ‘Data’ Tab

5. Once you are back to the homepage, click the data tab on the left, select the data set and download if necessary.