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How To: Find Wind Speed Data

Wind Speed Data from Global Weather Stations

This page is dedicated to listing as many publicly-available wind speed data sources as possible. Over the coming weeks we will be providing link to as many different sources of wind speed data as possible. In the near future, we aim to offer our visitors a detailed directory of free wind rose data.

Receive a Free copy of WRE v1.7

If you know of freely-available wind speed databases in your country, and it is not listed on this webpage, please go to our Contact Us page and send us the URL to the website. In return, we will list the link on this web page for all our other visitors, and send you a free copy of WRE v1.7!

Wind Speed Data Found So Far:

America - Pacific South WestMultiple Weather Stations for the Pacific South West States:
California; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; Oregon; Utah; Washington; Wyoming.

The hourly mean wind data can be accessed free of charge here.
AgriMet3rd Party Wind Rose Data Source
UKThe NOABL Dataset:

The database was originally developed the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at some point before 2001, and as far as is known, the data that was used to build up the database was drawn from the mid-1970s to mid-1980s.
National ArchivesDECC
UKIf you require data for accademinc research only, the CEDA Catalogue SiteBADC website enables you to Access the Met Office Data Sets. CEDA Catalogue SiteBADCWind Data Archive UK
AustraliaWeather Station Directory containing all major weather stations in Australia. The data is available to buy from the Australian Governement - Bureau of Meteorology.Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology Wind Data Archive Australia
AmericaThe National Climatic Data Centre has a free Climate Data Online Search tool which enables user to download climate and historical weather data and informationNational Climatic Data Center (NCDC)US National Climatic Data Centre
The Irish Meteorological Service Online allows the pubic free access to Historical Climate Data for Synoptic Stations. Click on the Past Weather link on their websiteThe Irish Meteorological Service OnlineThe Irish Meteorological Service Online