How To: Use Wind Rose Excel

This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to create a professional-looking Wind Rose Diagram using Wind Rose Excel.

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How To: Interpret a Wind Rose Diagram

A wind rose diagram is a tool which graphically displays wind speed and wind direction at a particular location over a period of time. The diagrams normally comprises of 8 or 16 radiating spokes, which represent wind directions in terms of the cardinal wind directions (North East South West) and their intermediate directions. Meteorologist use …

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Wind Rose using purely excel

How To: Create a Wind Rose Diagram using Microsoft Excel

Using Excel to make a Wind Rose – A step-by-step guide It is possible to make a wind rose (of sorts) by using excel only. You will end up with a plot looking like the example given below: The process is fairly long and tricky, and the end result is not the professional Wind Rose …

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How To: Find Wind Speed Data

Wind Speed Data from Global Weather Stations This page is dedicated to listing as many publicly-available wind speed data sources as possible. Over the coming weeks we will be providing link to as many different sources of wind speed data as possible. In the near future, we aim to offer our visitors a detailed directory of …

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How To: Convert to Cardinal Wind Directions

A wind rose diagram groups wind direction into cardinal wind directions and their intermediates points to produce spokes. Therefore, wind direction in your raw data needs to grouped into N, NNE, NE, ENE, E and so on. This guide shows you how to do that.

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Wind Kinetic Energy Explanation

How To: Compare Wind Speed vs Wind Power

Kinetic Energy In order to quantify the power available in the wind we need to consider kinetic energy. Therefore, we need to understand how kinetic energy in atmospheric wind is calculated (see equation below). The mass of wind In order to calculate the mass of air colliding with the swept area of a wind turbine per unit …

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A basic weather station

How To: Measure Wind Parameters

Weather Stations There are tens of thousands of weather stations distributed across the world. Weather stations are responsible for recording a variety of meteorological parameters. ambient air temperature using a thermometers atmospheric pressure using a barometers rainfall using a rain guage; wind velocity using an anemometers wind direction using wind vanes humidity using a hygrometer; …

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