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FeaturesWind Rose ExcelWRE+
Variable Number of Spokes
Variable Number of Bins
Dynamic Data Input Matrix
Customisable Final Rose Diagrams
Optional Units in Key
Customisable Spoke Labels
Export as High-Definition PNG Images
Wind Speed Data Sorter
Wind Direction Data Converter
Input Non-Wind Data (Numbers or %)
Choice of Numerical or Text Bins

Wind Rose Excel [v1.7] Wind Speed Rose Diagrams

We allow our customers to create high quality Wind Rose Diagrams for a fraction of the cost of rival software providers.

Using Wind Rose Excel

  • Our template-based software is simple to use and the final diagrams are highly customisable.
  • You are able to select the size of each wind speed bin, or to save time, you can opt to use hour standard wind speed bins.
  • Our software will automatically converts a variety of measurements into fantastic rose diagrams.

Inbuilt WRE Data Sorter Free with Wind Rose Excel

WRE v1.7 customers can enter raw wind speed data (wind direction and wind speed) and filter it into to wind speed bins and standard cardinal wind directions. This will save you a huge amount of time, allowing you to produce a wind rose in 1 – 2 minutes. You can also choose between the following wind speed units: mph, kph, knots and m/s to be displayed on the final diagram. Input data can be either cardinal directions or degrees.

Support for Wind Rose Excel

With the appropriate wind speed data, we guarantee that all of our customers will be able to produce a wind rose diagram with relative ease. We are always happy to answer any questions via the contact us page.

WRE+ [v1.0] Custom Text Rose Diagrams

Have complete control over your Rose Diagrams with custom labels – ideal for your next business project.

What’s different with WRE+?

WRE+ offers a greater degree of flexibilty when it comes to designing and labelling your Rose Diagram so that you can achieve exactly what you need to.

With WRE+, you have compelte control over (1) the number of spokes, (2) the number of bins, the (3) labels, and (4) the data input type

Use Cases

  • Gap analysis
  • Presenting team performance
  • Mapping leave throughout year
  • Mapping expenses per department

Support for WRE+

With the appropriate data, all of our customers should be able to produce a rose diagram with relative ease. We are always happy to answer any questions via the contact us page.

Example Final Products


Wind Rose Excel is a pleasure to work with…

“WRE Software has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, with excellent customer service and a close attention to detail. The software itself is easy to use and is quite versatile.”

Research Associate - Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

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