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What is different about WRE+?

For those who do not want to use meteorological data, WRE+ offers a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to designing and labelling your wind rose diagram.

Please note: this is a free download.

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What to Expect:

With WRE+, you have complete control over the 2 key aspects of a wind rose diagram:

  1. Data type and Bins:
    • Have flexibility over the data that makes up the bins of the spokes
    • Choose the number of bins you need
    • Choose the labels for each bin
  2. Spokes:
    • Choose between 4 and 16 spokes
    • Choose your own labels for each spoke

Support for WRE+

With the appropriate data, all of our customers should be able to produce a rose diagram with relative ease. We are always happy to answer any questions via the contact us page.

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