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How To: Use WRE v1.7


  1. Inserting Data
  2. Choose your Basic Layout Options
  3. Customizing your Wind Rose Diagram
  4. Exporting your Wind Rose Diagram

1. Inserting Data

  • Open WRE v1.7 (ensure that macros have been enabled).
  • Open your files containing your wind speed and wind direction data.
  • Note: your wind speed data needs to cover time period of at least one year. I would suggest aiming for approximately 10 years of wind speed data.
  • Copy your two columns of wind speed data: the first column should contain wind speed your second column should contain wind direction.

  • Note: wind speed can be in m/s, mph, kph or knots. Wind direction can be in degrees or cardinal wind direction (N, NNE NE etc.).
  • Tip: If you select the first 2 cells in your wind data columns, simply press control, shift and press the down arrow to select all the data in those 2 columns.
  • Copy the data into the data into the start worksheet in WRE v1.7.

  • Note: It is best to paste just the values – not the formatting also.
  • Select the wind speed units which correspond to the data you have used.

  • Update the rose diagram in WRE by clicking the “Update Wind Rose” button.

2. Choose your Basic Layout Options

  • You should now decide on the following:
    • Rose Diagram Title.
    • Rose Diagram Subtitle.
    • Number of Spokes (8 or 16).
    • Number of Bins (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or Beaufort scale).
    • Number of decimal places used in your wind speed legend on your chart.
    • The gap between each spoke (no gap, narrow or wide).
  • Next click the “Create” button.

3. Customizing your Wind Rose Diagram

  • You will now be directed to the customise tab, where you will be able to edit:
    • Positioning of different objects within you chart, e.g. titles and legend.
    • Add / remove spoke guide.
    • Add / remove subtitle.
    • Add / remove legend title.
    • Add / remove timestamp.
    • Add / remove mean wind speed.
    • Add / remove prevailing wind direction information.
    • Add / remove Wind Rose Excel software logo.
  • You can adjust the position of the objects in the chart, the fonts and the text colours.

4. Exporting your Wind Rose Diagram

  • Option 1 – Copy your wind rose diagram as a ‘Microsoft Chart’:
    • Select the outer border of your wind rose diagram, copy and then paste your chart into a word doc, Microsoft PPT etc.
    • This will enable you to resize and edit you chart without losing definition.
  • Option 2 – Use WRE v.1.7 to turn your chart into a high definition image:
    • Within the ‘Customize’ tab click the ‘Publish’ button.
    • This will create an image of your chart, which prevents any unwanted tampering in the future.