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How To: Use WRE Web App

Our WRE Web App seeks to provide extremely good value to companies who have multiple employees who need to be able to create, share, and publish wind rose diagrams. All the WRE Web App subscriptions allow companies to add unlimited ‘Company Users’ to a subscription free of charge. These Company User are able to collaborate within the same projects, or produce their own separate projects.

The Basic: Producing a Wind Rose Diagram

  • Step 1: Create a new Project:

  • Step 2: Select the nearest weather station to you site:

  • Step 3: Preview your wind rose diagram and other data representations

  • Step 4: Customise your charts

  • Step 5: download, share, or publish your wind rose diagram on a website:

The Web App also has many additional features not covered within this web page. More information will be uploaded shortly.